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Beautiful World Of Indian Paintings

Mithila painting : Painting of Bihar

Just for begginers ..that what actually are Madhubani paintings ?

Madhubani paintings or Mithila Paintings is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India.The name is itself named on the village Madhubani

The Madhubani painting or Mithila Painting are originated at the time of the Ramayana, when King Janak commissioned artists to do paintings at the time of marriage of his daughter, Sita, to Hindu god Lord Ram.

Madhubani paintings has been done traditionally by the women of villages around the present town of Madhubani (the literal meaning of which is forests of honey) and other areas of Mithila. The painting was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud wall of huts, but now it is also done on cloth, hand-made paper and canvas.Madhubani art is a form of traditional Indian art form.

Themes of Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani paintings mostly depict nature and Hindu devotional events, and the themes generally revolve around Hindu deities like Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Natural objects like the sun, the moon, and the religious plants like tulsi are also widely painted, along side scenes from the royal courts and social events like weddings. Generally no empty space is left; the gaps are filled by paintings of flowers, animals, birds, and even geometric designs

Styles of Madhubani Art

There are 3 styles of Madhubani painting

1.Brahmin Style

2. Tatoo Style

3.Kshatriya Style

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Technique of making Madhubani Paintings


It is a very simple art form of painting. You Don’t need any specialized knowledge but just a creative mind and artistic flair.. So go ahead

Materials Required

•Cloth/Handmade paper

•Trace paper

•Fabric colours(for cloth)
•Poster colours (for paper)

•Black outliner

•Carbon sheet

So let’s start

Step 1:
Choose a design

Step 2:
First draw the required pattern on the trace paper and copy the design into the cloth/paper using carbon sheet.

If using Cloth Paint using fabric colours and let it dry well.
Use Poster colours for paper.The colours are applied flat with no shading. There is normally a double line drawn for the outlines, with the gap between the lines filled by cross or straight tiny lines. In the linear painting, no colours are applied. Only the outlines are drawn.

Draw outlines using the black colour and again leave it to dry for 24 hours.

If applying on cloth iron on the back side of the cloth.

courtsey Arty Zen.
Artistic handfan painted in Madhubani style.

Rajshree Pathy's home featured in 2004 issue of Design Today.. Madhubani can add magic to your homes
Courtsey-Rang Decor

Tips and tricks

1Choose a design that is colourful !It is often seen that tradionally there are only basic colours used like orange , green and red but you can add colurs like pink, purple, blue to make it more attractive.

2- Choose a design that it is easy to make.
The design pattern should be simple and clear !

3-Trace the desin well.
If you do not trace it well ,you will definety find yourself in trouble later. You can make improvements in designs like changing the features of face, as it generally seen features in Madhubani are not sharp.

4-Choose a theme.
If you are making more than one painting than choose a theme eg.Krishna because each painting has certain meaning or situation

5-Don't limit youself .
If you don't want a painting then you can always make a bookmark, card or table mats with Madhubani and laminate them.

Add beautiful Border .
Make sure you have a border . It will add new dimensions to your painting

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So go ahead and show your hidden creative skills .Do post your comments and share your ideas about Madhubani paintings / Mithila paintings on the sidebar on the tag board.For any other queries please feel free to email me.